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The director of the Koki Boga Big Band

Bart Noorman is the inspired conductor of the Koki Boga Big Band since september 2009.

As a trumpeter Bart is active in the live music scene in many styles, like big band, salsa, jazz, classical and pop. He studied jazz music at the conservatory of Utrecht. By the end of his study, he won the prestigious Dutch conservatory award in 1996 with his own sextet Norman and the Rhythmkings out of 45 ensembles, with a special recommendation for his own compositions and arrangements.

After his graduation he also became active as an educator. He teaches music theory, ear training and trumpet methodology at Utrecht conservatory, improvisation to various instrumentalists, has a private practice as a trumpet teacher, gives breathing clinics for horn players, and coached several bands. He also published a book about music notation for beginners, called Muziek op papier, which was translated into English (Music on paper), Spanish and Chinese.

Bart has his own well-equipped studio, where works on his own music, records charts for people needing trumpet tracks, and produces lots a children's songs. Thousands of kids know his songs from the book-with-cd called Kriebel kriebel snorrebaard which sold 8000 copies.

Both his experience in production and teaching came together in an acclaimed multimedia package for music eduction: the Virtual Music School, a revolutionary program for theory, improvisation and ear training, containing 11 original compositions. On this DVD-ROM you hear Bart playing with great musicians from the Dutch jazz and latin scene, like Bert van den Brink, Pieter Engels, Marco Toro, and Alberto Caicedo. Check it out on

At the moment Bart is as a player mostly active in the salsa scene, with groups like La Misma Gente, SalsAlegre and Cheveron, but also in coverbands Bling and The Embers.

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Bart Noorman  

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